Booted Up and Khaki Lipstick

 ello ello you beauts! 
I'm starting this outfit post of with a photo of the face (appologies, I'm talking to Zee about what angle to take...he didn't listen and this is what occurred).

After my experience with MUA Liquid Liner from yesterdays post, I purchased my usual Barry M liner which stayed on fabulously as usual. My khaki style lipstick is from Lush, their emotional brilliance range and this lovely number is called Wise. I adore this colour, most of my readers will know by now that I'm not a huge lipstick fan, especially red/pink...who decided that was the main colour to have! My lipsticks are purple blue and green, I look ridiculous in red lipstick! I wore this to University yesterday and I had so many looks of 'what the actual hell' which I was quite surprised by as I hadn't experienced this outside of uni with this lip colour. Strange.

Jacket - Miss Selfridge, Dress - Zara, Boots c/o Barratts

These boots were sent to me by the lovely people over at Barratts Shoes, and I adore them! I have been looking for the perfect winter boots and after Vogue featured some gorgeous riding boots in a recent issue I've had my eye on a number of pairs. These have a similar harness style detail as my ankle boots which makes them extra pretty. They are super comfy and you will be seeing lots more of these. I have purchased a lot of shoes from Barratts in the past (until my local store shut down) and I was very happy to be contacted by them! 
Hope you all have a lovely weekend! 

Chelsea Jade


  1. Thank you for the kind comment on my blog- since that outfit I have become obsessed by unitards. I'm tempted to become a dancer so i can wear them every day!
    you look fab those boots are amazing! and i love your dress.
    i can't believe people gave you so many looks especialy from those at your uni! they look fab
    Im ususally a red/ purple lippy girl but i recently tried out a nude and i was suddely converted to trying new colours (now i weear a lot of pink as well) so i'm tempted to try out the green lips look (hopefully it wont look to strtange with my ornage hair).

  2. I love this colour, it looks so good on you, you really pull it off! I'm sure if I wore it I would just look like my pen had leaked (unfortunately this has happened before, concentrating = pen nibbling= inky mouth!).xx

  3. I never thought I would enjoy Khaki lips on anyone, congrats on proving they can work!!

    Love those boots,
    I have some Barratts beauties I haven't even been able to try on yet :( x

  4. I can't believe just how much khaki lips suit you! They work with your style and your complexion so well! Also, those boots are gorgeous!

  5. Khaki lips look so good on you!! Really random but after seeing your tweet about your lipstick when I had a nap I dreamt you lent it to me lol!!



    1. Awh thankyou lovely, haha hope you enjoyed your dream lipstick! x

  6. Love the dress! You look awesome!



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