Checked Shirt, Leather Sleeves

Hello you beauties, some of you may have seen me post this on instagram last week, I've been lusting after the River Island Tartan Coat for quite some time now. It is however £85 and having a print on a coat I feel can be a little restricting on what you can wear with it. What If I want to wear some tartan trousers and I've already splurged £85 on a coat which will look silly paired together. Basically I've taken and old coat and a shirt to recreate a similar style jacket:

You will need an old coat/leather jacket.

An oversized shirt
Faux Fur Stole
 All you need to do ladies is simply cut off the sleeves of you shirt! If you want a more finished look you may want to stitch the edges

Now you have a sleevless shirt which you can pair with many coats and the fur stole covers up any mismatching edges at the front of the coat/shirt. I've created a little video to show you a few examples:

(apologies for the fuzzy section, something is wrong with my video editor at the moment!)

So it's not as incredible as the River Island one, I am aware of this but it is a pretty good alternative. I'm sure plenty of you have a leather jacket you can throw a shirt over!

Chelsea Jade


  1. This DIY is amazing! I'd love to try it out xxx

  2. This DIY is amazing- I like your version a lot more than the river island version

  3. agree with jessica above, i prefer your version compared to the river island one. brb, just digging out one of my old coats ;D xxx

  4. Definitely trying this out you clever cookie! xx

  5. very creative. I'm definitely doing this!

  6. i honestly thought this was the River Island coat until i carried on reading, it looks amazing!
    I wish i owned a checkered shirt and a fur stole to try this out now, might have to got searching in charity shops! x

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  7. such a GREAT idea! omg amaze D.I.Y.

  8. Such a clever idea for a DIY, I wanted the river island one but I'll try this first!xx

  9. The river island coat is my favouriteeee! But tbh, I actually really like the one you have created :) i should probably try it out x

  10. that's such a creative DIY!I realy enjoy leather stuff and this is a great way to spice it up a bit, thank you for sharing:)

  11. That is honestly the best D.I.Y idea I've ever seen! Gonna head to the charity shops for an oversized shirt and leather sleeves now aha!! :) x


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