Mixed Prints

Tunic + Skirt - River Island, Belt - Primark, Platforms - Office

So mixing prints is an old favourite of mine, along with texture clashing, sometimes though I wonder if it looks right or whether it looks like I couldn't decide what to wear - hopefully not the later on this occasion. Also for those of you wondering, it is still freezing here, I had my trusty over sized boyfriend coat at hand.

I got some really exciting news via e-mail the other day which means I may be getting to assist on a photoshoot soon, more on that later though! Currently I am in the process of collecting data for my dissertation (I study Psychology for anyone wondering) and I'm researching factors influencing purchase intention in high-street stores. It would be a huuuuge help if you UK ladies could fill out this survey, it will take you about 10 minutes - be warned it does start to get a little repetitive towards the end but I will send you virtual/cyber hugs, kisses and possibly a flailing dance of some sort when data collection is over. Maybe.

Chelsea Jade


  1. Your top is gorgeous, how much was it if you don't mind me asking? x

    1. It's an old one I'm afraid - just sent you a quick e-mail :)

  2. i wish there was a thumbs up button so i could save it as fashion inspiration, luv this so much, so different x:)

  3. I have SO much love for this outfit, so much.


  4. Love love love this outfit! You look amazing, and the combination of the prints and colours is just right! xxx

  5. OH I love the mixed prints here. PERFECTO x

  6. Found your blog via either th #fbloggers or #bbloggers chats in the last couple of nights, really glad I did as love your style

  7. love everything about your outfit! especially those platforms! xo

  8. love the clashing of prints, the tee is so cute. (love your belt detail too)
    i'll fill out that survey fully now! x

  9. Do love the print on this top!
    Looks so good with the skirt
    Would never of thought to put them together
    S xx

  10. Good luck on your pgotoshoot
    You look great I've never been able to mix prints so in very jealous

  11. I like mixing prints when it works as well as this - love the skirt and how subtle the print is. I filled out one of your surveys via a link you put on twitter a while back - don't think I was very helpful though. xxx

  12. Absolutely amazing. I would probably die and go to heaven in your closet -- no really :D

    Sorry I'm not in the UK, or I would take the survey. Good luck girl!


  13. Love the top! I'll fill out one of the surveys for you now xo

  14. I have this skirt! :) You look lovely as always xx


  15. mixing prints is so brave but you 100% pulled it off! love this look XXX


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