Red fur and a cat

Coat - H&M, Gilet - ASOS, Tee - China, Boots - H&M

First of all excuse the scary looking face on the first photo, my boyfriend takes a lot of my shots so I don't get to see them until I upload them. Secondly I am sure loads of you have seen this top by now as there seems to be quite a few floating around on websites and ebay. But it's just to cute, or ugly, not to wear and it is still a favourite of mine even though it seems to be getting shorter! The fur gilet was a Christmas gift which was from ASOS sale, I adore the colour and I am sure it's a piece that will see me through the next few winters!

On a final note I am selling more pieces on ebay, as I am slowly trying to condense my wardrobe ready for my move to London in July. So check out my listings, and let me know if you want to buy something, I shall end the listing and sort it via paypal :)

Chelsea Jade


  1. I love this cat top so much. just waiting to get my hands on one !

  2. love the t shirt!

  3. Love the red fur!!
    So so gorge
    S xx

  4. OH Chelsea that top is so lovely!! and so you too! Plus your gilet look aces with the H&M jacket. x

    The Little's.

  5. You look fantastic I love the tee!
    My boyfriend takes my outfit photos a LOT too- you won't believe how many have my eyes closed/ centre on my chest ha he

  6. I've never seen that top before! It's brilliant!


  7. That tee is beyond perfect..especially for girls like me who have a special bond with my own cat:-P. ox

  8. aw its so cuuuute

    Check out my blog! Im holding a giveaway :D

  9. was really nice to meet you today at the impact shoot! your blog is so lovely :)

    B xxx

  10. I love the tshirt :) x


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