Ways to Wear - The Nicola Jumpsuit

Hello ladies
Todays post is a little ways to wear featuring a piece gifted to me by the wonderful Fazane Malik (the lovely designer I mentioned in previous posts, when I got to assist her shoot!).The Nicola jumpsuit is the item I am featuring below, it is currently in the Fazane sale!

A Vintage Shirt
Pairing a vintage item with this modern piece creates a contrast, plus it can be dressed up or down depending on your accessories!

A night out
Pairing the jumpsuit with a bandeau or bralet and a clutch creates the perfect outfit for a night with your girls. Plus the bib section keeps you covered whilst the bandeau flashes just enough skin for a night out.

90's inspired
This look is the one I am most likely to wear myself, I tried to create a 90's inspired look with the textured knit and platforms. Rolling up the ankles of the jumpsuit creates a more casual look and would be fab with trainers.

Smarten it up
The jumpsuit is also great for a smarter look, pair it with a shirt and some heels and you are good to go! I think this piece is perfect for when you need to transition from work to a night out in a hurry.

It would be lovely if you checked out the current collection online at Fazane, I think some of you may be a fan of this mesh tunic.

What do you think?

Chelsea Jade


  1. I love all these ways to wear, my favourite is the 90's look.


  2. love love love your 90's inspired one!!

  3. My favourite is the 90s inspired one, and I love the smart one too:-). OX

  4. Love them all especially the 90s inspired!


  5. Love this post, especially the setting. 90s all the way


  6. I LOVE all the looks you've come up with, 90s forever.


  7. The 90's inspired look is amazing,love the styling of it. :) x

  8. WOW love it!
    It's so different to the normal overalls you see
    S xx

  9. Your photos are so beautiful! I love your backdrop! <3 my fave is the vintage inspired look :)


    XOXO Sade

  10. This is great, my favourite is deffo the 90's inspired outfit. Always love the 90's!

    Eva xx


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