Chiffon and Disney

Jacket - Miss Selfridge, Tee - Swap Shop, Bag - H&M, Skirt - ebay, Shoes - ASOS

How are you ladies on this fine sunny day!?
I'm so happy to see a little sun for a change, though I did witness a few 'it's sunny so I'm going to wear a sundress and flipflops'. As soon as a little sun arrives England gets way too excited!

Anyway onto my outfit, it's pretty basic but I wanted to share this rather amazing t-shirt with you all. I got this at the Lush Swap Shop I mentioned in a previous post, I was working at my Little Teacup stall, spotted this baby and asked my sister to go snap it up for me! My shoes are one of my latest purchases which are super comfy, they are from ASOS and they come in black, white and red velvet.

After my recent post about the artwork in the Dr Martens store Nottingham, I wanted to share the 'Making of' video with you guys as previously mentioned. So here's the final video:

Hope you have all been enjoying the sun!

Chelsea Jade

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  1. Oh my! I absolutely love this! That tee is just freaking incredible, I love it! And then it just looks awesome with that skirt too, they look perfect together! xxx

  2. woah your shoes are amazing! love this outfit X

  3. I am in love with that tee! x

  4. Such a cute little outfit!
    Love the tee
    S xx

  5. Such a cute outfit!

  6. i love the shoes! and i will be purchasing one of those necklaces when they're in stock, love it!

    laila x

  7. I love the top it is just so adorable! the whole look is great!!!

  8. In love with your shoes!!!!
    are they heavy to walk around in??

    1. Thank you, they are rather beauts! They are really comfy and not heavy at all. They look chunky but they are pretty light weight :) x

    2. ahh perfect, thats what I love to hear!
      Def. will have to get me a pair then!
      Thanks so much! X :D

  9. You look great I love the tee x


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