Furry Bag, Jelly Shoes

Coat - second hand, Blazer - H&M, Crop top - Primark, Jeans - Vintage (similar), Jelly Sandals - Urban Outfitters

First of all sorry for the repetitive pose, it has been mega windy so I'm trying hold my hair out of my face while looking casual. Mission awkwardly completed.

There are a few new pieces in this outfit (as if I didn't haven't spent enough already!) in fairness they are new bargain pieces. My bag is from H&M, I found it all by its lonely self with a £5 sticker, I took it to the till and it was actually labelled correctly. Score. I also bagged the lightweight blazer for £7 in H&M. The denim style crop top is from Primark, again for just £5, obviously I couldn't resist and I got two of the colours available. I am loving their summer pieces at the moment, all we need now is some sun. Please!?

My Jelly shoes were from Urban Outfitters last July for £14 in the sale, I wore them tonnes in the summer. Lucky I got them last year as they seem to be everywhere now for £25 of more, which I doubt I would pay. They have already sold out in all colours on ASOS but you can get them online in quite a few shops, check out Topshop, Office, or Urban Outfitters. Though they do seem to be a love it or hate it pair of shoes, I just remember them as the first heels I ever owned at about 7 years old. Good times.

What do you think of Juju Jelly craze at the moment? I do kind of want the glitter pair as that is what I have when I was wee.

Chelsea Jade


  1. I wasn't keen on the jelly shoes (mostly as I remember them as ripping my feet apart) but you look amazing!! I'm converted.
    You look great.

  2. i think this is just my favourite outfit ever, and note to self must buy jelly shoes xxx


  3. Love the furry bag and I want your jeans!
    s xx

  4. I love the jellys! This outfit is so lovely, that crop top colour goes so well with the jeans! x


  5. Love the jelly craze and love those sandals (the denim crop and bag too) x

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  6. Um I want that bag so much!! Also loving the jelly shoes! X

  7. Your hair looks lovely curly, and I love the jellys! :)

  8. I'm in love with your shoes.



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