Recent Goodies

Hey beauties, 
I have acquired rather a lot of new goodies over the past month so I thought I would share them with you all as I haven't done a haul post for a while now! So these are a mix of new things that I have purchased or been sent recently:

These are a pair of jeans from ebay, I have had a pair of vintage 90's style jeans for a while now but fancied another colour. I found these on ebay for just £2 but they are an old size 8 so I may need to do some hula hooping to get the button fastened.

This baby is something I bagged for £10 at a local Vintage fair, the photos don't do it justice I will have to share it in an outfit post soon!

River Island Sale - £15

Sent to me by Daisy Street and I will be wearing this to the Motel Press event on Wednesday I think. Let me know if your going! 

These were sent to me by Now I style, sadly their official website is down at the moment but they are currently using another so you can find the jeans here for now. 

Motel Rocks sheer babydoll dress - £25 
Get 20% off Motel using code 'chelseajade'

I have to thank my manager at My Sight charity shop for these, he drove to the factory shop and called me to see what I wanted. How Lovely!! So I got these beauties for £25 

And finally I have saved the best until last. I am actually in love with these babies:

Died and gone to shoe heaven guys. If your in love also you can find them on ASOS here for £35 yum yum yum and here in glitter form. 

Sorry if this was too photo heavy for you guys, I have had no time for a video haul recently! What have you girlies purchased recently?

Chelsea Jade


  1. I'm in love with the sunflower jeans and the Motel sheer dress! :)

  2. great buys! love the sunflower trousers! Ive been shopping too, post up tonight.
    dont quite have as much as you, so i'm obvs in need of some more shopping :)
    Clothes envy!

  3. Great. Buys, Love the Riverisland Dress!
    Claudia Finn xx

  4. Wow, the sunflower trousers are stunning!
    Gorgeous vintage pieces!! x

  5. Those sunflower jeans are amazing, I always love the things you buy! Really love the other jeans, the docs and the motel dress too... such great taste!

  6. Lovely finds!
    I love that sheer dress and the shoes of course,

    Rosie x

  7. So jealous of it all! I love the DMs and those sandals have been in my ASOS saved items for while so I'm very envious!

  8. You will DEFINITELY have to share the second dress in an outfit post, that is beyond gorgeous. I'm gutted it's not widely available!

  9. I love the sunflower jeans and the sandals! hurry up summer already! xxx

  10. those daisy jeans are amazing - love them! x

  11. Oh my god
    So many great buys
    I want it all
    Still can't believe those jeans were £2!
    S xx


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