Ways to Wear - Peplum

So on my last Ways to Wear somebody requested a ways to wear a peplum and this is my attempt. Sadly I don't own many peplum numbers so this was a little more difficult than my other posts! Hope you find this helpful :)

The Basic

This is probably the most basic way to wear a peplum top and is the style I see most often. Pair the peplum with a bodycon skirt to emphasis the teeny waist the peplum give you .

Mixing Prints and Texture

Opt for a printed peplum to add some personality to an outfit or to clash with other prints and textures to create something a little less formal.

Layer It Up

Add some more layers to the outfit to create a more casual look with a peplum top.

The Peplum Skirt

If the peplum top isn't for you a peplum on a skirt creates an interesting feature to a more basic skirt. Plus the frills hide any lumps and bumps or a food baby!

One other item that gives the peplum a little twist is the peplum belt, sadly I don't have one to style up but you can check these ones out from ASOS.

1  -  2  -  3

 Do you ladies enjoy a peplum? Also I'd love to get some more requests for a ways to wear, with my exams coming to an end this month I should have plenty of time to sort some posts out :) So comment below if you have something you want me to style in a few ways 

Chelsea Jade

Printed Peplum - Internacionale
Velvet Peplum - Miss Selfridge
Peplum skirt - Primark


  1. Loving the layering up and skirt outfit
    S xx

  2. Love the layered peplum look. I've always been a bit worried about wearing a peplum in case it emphasises my chest but I think I'll give one a go. Probably a skirt as I need a food baby gifts

  3. I really love the peplum skirt! I've wanted to try this style for ages but never found the right top/skirt to suit me
    Saadiya x



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