Riding Pants and a Blazer

Blazer - Next, Shirt - Miss Selfridge (Old), Riding Pants - American Apparel, Loafers - New Look 

Just a super comfy basic outfit for you today, American Apparel riding pants are the comfiest things in the world (which is why I have three pairs, eek). I do recommend them but they are stupidly expensive, I only have one full priced pair the others were purchased from Secret Sales and the AA sale section which often has an 'Ooops we made to many' item which is great! 

In other news I am now employed once again, I had a little difficulty getting a job after graduating University in July. I moved to London almost straight away, started interning at Glam Media and had little time to apply for jobs. So I had a bad couple of unemployed weeks, I'll throw it out there guys, I watched more episodes of 'The Real Housewives of {insert city}' than I care to admit. But finally I am working as a Christmas temp at Fred Perry in the Westfield Centre near my house. Self-five.

I also wanted to mention that I have a giveaway running in my previous post to win two tickets for a literary event in aid of Children in Need. If you are in London and are free Thursday evening you can enjoy and evening of wine and nibbles whilst listening to three top British authors. Enter here.

Chelsea Jade


  1. High 5 for landing a job! I need to try these skinnies but unfortunately I don't have your figure haha!

    Tara xo

  2. I just love that blazer, and it looks perfect with that shirt! x


  3. I love this outfit, those trousers look amazing on you! I didn't even know that section of the AA website existed - thanks for sharing :) also, huge well done on getting your job! xx

  4. Love the colour of the blazer!x


  5. you look so good, forever envious that you can pull off riding pants! xx

  6. Well done for getting a job! I'm worried about that as I'm graduating next year. Love your loafers and riding pants x

  7. So pleased it's not just me that turns to Real Housewives of [THE WHOLE OF AMERICA] in times of boredom. Haha. Looking awesome and huge congrats on the job too.


  8. I saw this look on Instagram and couldn't resist checking out your blog to see more photos of it. I love all the subtle details of this outfit. Very feminine and easy, and great colors.



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