ASOS Printed Suit

Jacket - ASOS, Shirt - Primark, Trousers - ASOS, Shoes - Linzi

Hey ladies!
It's been a while since I last blogged, I've been busy over the holidays, eating chocolate, seeing family and watching all sorts of tv. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year!!

This beauty of a suit is from ASOS, I adore the print plus the fabric is thicker than I had anticipated which is great. There is a skirt in the same print but I'm wondering whether that may be just a step too far...or whether it's just perfect. My shoes were a bargain at £8 and still available at Linzi shoes, they are super comfy. Very much recommended :)

I'm sure I will be back to more frequent blogging now that the holidays are over!

Chelsea Jade


  1. This outfit looks great on you :) It's not something I would suit (no pun intended) at all but it looks great on your shape :)

    Cool post and Happy 2014!

    Hailes Hearts Fashion.

  2. Love the print on the jacket and trousers! Such a gorgeous outfit!

  3. This suit is gorgeous on you, and those shoes what a bargain! xx

  4. ha I saw the shoes, saw the price, made a little noise and ordered them! Oops! Love the outfit, the suit it fab. xx

  5. Wow this suit is gorgeous! I was thinking of ordering the trousers and was wondering how they come up size wise? I know ASOS are generally quite generous so I was wonering what you'd recommend to go for if I'm usually an 8 or 10? Thanks :)

  6. I need that suit! You look gorgeous x

  7. Need that suit! Stunning as always x

  8. That suit's just incredible! So so gorgeous! x

  9. Wowza, that suit looks incredible! I really like the print. <3

    Tara x


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