LFW Day 1 - Napsugar and Ones To Watch

On Friday I went down to London Fashion Week to attend some of the Fashion Scout shows, I arrived rather early for my first presentation so I went to grab a coffee and bumped into the lovely Amy of Fashion Junkie. We had a drink and then popped down to see the Napsugar presentation:

The Napsugar collection focused on black and white pieces with the addition of a navy and red colour combination which worked perfectly together. The girls were surrounded by oversized pop art props, with a giant bag of popcorn and a half eaten ice lolly - these also tied in with the colour scheme. My favourite pieces were the oversized leather jackets and subtle yet quirky prints. The girls also rocked glittery eyebrows, which I really want to try out!

We then headed to Ones to Watch which was pretty packed, so I'm glad we actually got in to see the show! So the Ones To Watch this year are Sarah Ryan, Carrie-Ann Stein, Hiroko Nakajima and George Styler.

I love this show, it was great to see the mix of styles in one catwalk just to show the variety and different influences a designer can have. Sarah Ryan used a number of different fabrics in intricate designs. I have to say that George Styler's extravagant designs were my favourite of the Ones to Watch this year, with a clear around the world inspiration with embelishment, quirky silouhettes and bold colours. Sadly in the spot I was stood I failed to get many good photos, so here are a couple from Fashion Scout:

(Photo Credit - Fashion Scout - Hannah Mcgee)

I dressed pretty normally, I know some people go all out extravagant but one I didn't have a lot of planning time and two it was on and off pouring it down which was a little annoying! I opted for small heels, a few layers and a beanie for keep me warm. I spent some time street style snapping so I will have a post up on that this week hopefully!

Please forgive my rushed photo edit.

Chelsea Jade


  1. I love your outfit Chelsea, that jacket is just awesome! x


  2. Mmm, I really like that leather jacket. You looked super cool as per usual, I think it's better to dress normally - I think those overdressers look silly!

    Tara xo

  3. NAPSUGAR WAS AMAZE and you, you are a mega babe xx

  4. Looked amazing!
    And your shoes!! Loveeeee


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