Green Blouse and Floral Trousers

Blouse - Anthropologie, Trousers - ASOS, Clutch - H&M, Loafers - New Look

This blouse was a bargain in the Anthropologie sale for just £15, I adore green. I thought I'd pair them with these trousers from ASOS for a day of shopping last week. They are two of the comfiest items I own, I do love it when you can go out and feel like your in your PJ's!! That has to be one of the best things about outfits like this, the comfort. It is important to have outfits like this one, that look presentable, easy to throw on but that feel totally comfortable. We have all had horrible bloaty day, general CBA to get dressed at all and just simply, I dont know what to wear days. And so having a few outfits like this one in your wardrobe is a total necessity for me. I have a few dresses that I know I can throw on, leave the house quicky and I know I feel good in. Looking back on these photos, I can safely say that I have a new one of these outfits to go to on a day I'm not feeling so fab or just want a bit of comfort! 

Chelsea Jade


  1. those trousers, SO amazing! xx

  2. Want those trousers so so much :) You look lovely

    Ruth x


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