Glitter Jelly Sandals

These wonderful glitter jelly sandals were sent to my by the lovely people over at Shoe Zone, thanks guys! You can find them at Shoe Zone for just £9.99 which is a bargain. I have a pair of black JuJu Jellies and there seems to be very little difference between the two. The shape is the same, it is simply that these ones are a little more structured and less jelly than JuJus. They are super comfy however I did find that mine came up slightly small but then again I fear my feet are growing as I had to buy a size 8 in my last two pairs of shoes - eeek.

Anyway as the shoes a little more summery I thought I would do a post on a few outfits I'd wear if it were the warmer weather right now.

We all know British Summer time can be lacking in a little sun and so this is perfect for one of those days.

Keeping it simple and pairing a printed dress with a metallic rucksack for an extra bit of shine.

Contrasting textures and styles with this fluffy cropped knits, Levis cut off and a statement necklace.

What do you guys think to Jelly Sandals?

Chelsea Jade


  1. I love them! They remind ne of being a kid. :)

    Tara x

  2. I swore I'd never own a pair of jelly sandals again, but I'm really rather loving them this season! x

  3. I really want some jelly shoes :O caught between getting a cheapish pair or paying a bit more as I've heard that the cheap ones hurt your feet and dig in. How comfy are these?

    Also, I love the outfits you've matched with them. So cute. You must show us these outfits when you wear them!

    Great post & Haaappy Spring!
    Hailes Hearts Fashion.


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