Velvet, Galaxy and a Silver Skirt

Kimono - Miss Selfridge
Tee - Goodie Two Sleeves
Skirt - H&M
Dr Martens

So these are actually quite old pieces, I've been trying to make the most of the wardrobe that I have already due to lack of funds. Though that is not to say I haven't purchased anything lately - I don't think I'll ever last on a spending ban! This velvet kimono is one of my all time favourite pieces, it's one of those items that you wish you'd got two of in case of something horrific happens. However I don't even want to talk about the potential death of this baby so I will stop right here.

This amazing printed world peas tee makes me so happy. It is from Goodie Two Sleeves, they once had a tee that had a unicorn with a unibrow on - I giggled every time I saw it but regrettably I never purchased. So any GTS people reading this if you have any old stock with that tee or know where I can get one I would love to know!

Anyway this blog post seems to be going nowhere so my advice for the day is to try and see what old items from your wardrobe you have to recycle into new looks.

Having said that Topshop and ASOS sales are now on so maybe go wild ... just this once.

Chelsea Jade


  1. Oh, I love that skirt, it's such a lovely subtle silver. I wish I could afford to shop the sales, there is so much I want! x

  2. This is just gorgeous Chelsea. I adore your skirt too, it's stunning x

  3. That tee is amazing! I hope you can track down the other one.

    Tara x

  4. ah love this outfit, so rad! i'm way too tempted to click onto asos but i'm refraining for now...


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