Voucher Codes Swap Shop

Recently I attended the Voucher Codes swap shop, it was such a fun event. I took my friend Jade with me, we had cocktails whilst we browsed the rails and snacked on mac n cheese after the flurry of the swap shop open! 

Jade got her lips done all glittery, it was so pretty!! I wish I had mine done really but I was too busy with my mac n cheese from Anna Maes.

We were also in the video that they filmed of the evening which you can check out below.

I wasn't prepared for how quick eveyone was going to be with the rails so I didn't get such amazing pieces as others I spotted but it's down to the basic 'you snooze you loose'. Having said that I did bag some amazing goodies, the hat is from Topshop which is my favourite piece! I got a few oversized shirts which are perfect for work, plus some extra pieces in the goodie bags. 

A big thank you to Voucher Codes for the invite and to Dorothy Perkins and Boden for the goodie bags :)

Chelsea Jade


  1. This looks like so much fun!
    Always wanted to go to one of these
    S xx


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