A Vintage Dress and Chunky Shoes

Coat - Charity Shop
Cardigan - Topshop
Dress - Cow
Shoes - ASOS

Here are some of my new pieces, I got this pretty dress in a 3 for £10 sale at Cow along with these trousers. I didn't realise it was a touch too big on boxing day when I tried it on (must've had foodbaby triplets after my Christmas dinner) so I've had to add a skinny belt to keep it in place. Moral of the story don't shop on a particularly full stomach.

My shoes were a present from my boyfriend for Christmas, I am very happy with these as they are so comfy! They went into the sale and have sold out in most sizes but they also come in a matte navy colour too which are very pretty. 

Chelsea Jade

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  1. That dress is amazing, your style is fab as always Chelsea x


  2. Fab outfit, love the florals! xx


  3. you look so oryginal !



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