DIY: Vintage Dress to Skater Skirt Co-Ord

I was at the East End Thrift Stores £1 sale not too long ago and found this dress in amongst piles of clothing. I loved the print but was pretty disappointed by the shape and size, it was more like a sack and was about a size 16. I got it anyway with this DIY in mind. I turned it into a skater skirt and top, to wear separately or together.

You Will Need:

1 oversized dress
measuring tape
needle and thread or a sewing machine
elastic (waist width)

What To Do:

Firstly you need to pop the dress on and measure the length you would like the skirt to be, waist to hem. 

Take off the dress, add an inch or two to the length you just measured - this is for the waist band. Mark with chalk or pencil (as this will wash out) and cut.

You then need to fold the top, unhemmed edge and fold inwards and pin the whole way around. Keeping enough room for your elastic to be added later.

You then need to stitch the fold in place, when you near the end of the full waist of the skirt leave a gap about 1 inch for your elastic to be threaded through. 

This bit can be tricky as you don't want to loose the elastic into the waist band, you want to keep both ends ready to stitch together. Usually for this stage I will poke a kirby grip through the end of the elastic and use this to guide the elastic through the fabric. 

Once your elastic is all the way through stitch both ends together and stitch that last inch of the waist band and voilà.

Then you are left with the top half, this works perfectly for a crop top in most cases. Simply hemming the bottom of the top half may be enough, find the length you want it, cut and hem. 

Add more length with other fabrics for a mixed print look, add a trim for the hem or simply stick with your new vintage skirt!

Chelsea Jade


  1. This looks so cute Chelsea, such a clever idea too x

  2. Love this idea! The dress looks so much nicer as a co-ord!

  3. This is such a good idea, I have sooooo many thrifted dresses I could do this to! Might have to brush up on the sewing skills as they are not that good though! xx

  4. Oh okay wow!
    You have made this look so easy, I am starting to sew and I've just bought a re-worked vintage dress turned co-ord.
    I could have done it myself.
    Totally love, great post!


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