Double Denim

If I am completely honest I am not a massive fan of the 70's trend (don't hate me)! Don't get me wrong, some of the clothes are beautiful and are rocked amazingly by the likes of blogger babes Megan and Leigh but I just cant really see myself in a pussybow and flares combo. Ever.

A trend I thought I could get on board with is double denim, mainly because I've dabbled in double denim before. This time I went for the full on blue look, this oversized shirt is a mens XL from the East End Thrift Store - another £1 bargain! I very much enjoy this look and have worn it a few times since.

Have you created a double denim look?

Chelsea Jade


  1. Ahh I love this look on you! You suit that hat so much :) xx

  2. I do love a bit of double denim, this outfit is amazing! x

  3. This look is just too cool Chelsea, you're so gorgeous girl! x

  4. I'm actually obsessed with the 70's trend but I'm yet to rock double denim. You look really cute here, those jeans show off your teeny waist!

    Tara x


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