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I've wanted to become a little more organised with my blog posts. I sometimes feel that I'm glued to my laptop so I wanted to spend sometime putting pen to paper. I looked around for some blog post planners but found that they had sections I had no use for or often needed to be paid for! So after looking at tonnes online and browsing pinterest, I decided to create my own. I have created a blog post planner which I have printed out in A4 for the image above but also a few in A5 which are easier to pop in my bag. I have been using these so much lately, I've found it very handy.

So I thought I would let you ladies download them and print them out as you need them. I've just been carrying a few at a time around with me and popping my ideas in the notes section and finishing the rest off later whilst catching up on a few show. It's quite refreshing not staring at my screen!

All my files link to Dropbox but I do believe you don't need your own account to download. They are all saved as PDF files so you should be fine opening them.

Blog Post Planners

Pastel Planner    ///    Monochrome Planner    ///    Grey Planner

Weekly Planners

I also talked recently in one of my youtube videos about a weekly planner I have been using from Paperchase. It has sold out and I haven't been able to find one since, so I thought I'd create this planner for your weekly to do lists. I use them to plan which days my blog posts are to be scheduled and when I plan on shooting/filming etc. They are perfect for anyone as bad as me at using a diary!

I have designed and printed these with A4 printing in mind but actually A3 may be better for the weekly planners for you to fit all your notes on.

I hope some of you get these printed and find them helpful!

Chelsea Jade


  1. i love that you just made your own, i'll definitely be downloading some of these planners, they look so lovely! i also featured this post in my latest blog post roundup :)

  2. Love these! Defo need to print them <3


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