Fluffy Stole and Vintage Jeans

Coat - Charity Shop
Fluffy Stole - Select
Shirt - eBay
Jeans - East End Thrift Store
Shoes - Dr Martens

This is an outfit I wore about a week ago, the weather has since improved majorly and I've dyed my hair so these images seem like they were taken an eternity ago. I had my sister stay with me in London this weekend which is why I haven't posted this outfit yet.

The jeans are one of my biggest bargain buys, I got them for 50p at the East End Thrift Stores 50p sale last month! Wooop. It was like it was meant to be, I pulled them from a pile of ripped denim and found an intact pair of high waisted goodness. Luckily they fit when I got home. If you do get chance to go to one of their sales it is worth checking it out but only if you can handle the mess (see their photo here). 

Chelsea Jade


  1. This look is absolute perfection Chelsea, you look fab x


  2. Love, Love, Love that fur stole! xx



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