Blogger Babe - Nemesis, Babe

This month I have just one blogger of the month but this one's a guddun I promise.

I give you Nemesis, Babe. I first came across Marie's style when I went to London Fashion Week almost two years ago and I snapped this photo of her:

I am very happy that I did as we swapped business cards and I was able to find her blog online. It quickly became a favourite of mine. It's only gotten better and better over the last year or so! I wanted to share her incredible style and blog with you so hopefully if you haven't come across Marie before you now have a new page to subscribe to.


I adore the style of photography on 'Nemesis, Babe' as well as her actual style so it's pretty much a win win for me. For those of you drooling over her wardrobe she has been kind enough to put together a blog post on basics for your wardrobe which is pretty helpful:

 Find Marie:

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I hope you have found a new blog to subscribe to ladies :)

Chelsea Jade


  1. She has such a beautiful, natural style! I remember when she started popping up all over fashion week - she has such a fab look!

    Tara x


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