My New Flat

So I moved to a new place in London and I've not yet shared with you guys the new flat. Apart from getting pretty excited on Instagram about the size of the wardrobe on move in day: 

I've taken a few detail snaps rather than the whole rooms as I'm still settling in. I am in need of a rug for the living room and a throw for the sofa (as it's pretty fugly). I hope you enjoy having a little nosy into my personal space aha.

Above are my little storage spaces in my bedroom, I haven't shared the inside of my wardrobe as it is pretty unsightly right now to be quite honest! I'm quite the fan of vintage suitcases, I have way too many really but they are perfect for cute storage!

We have this little shelf (which I found in the street two years ago and has proven to be pretty handy - thanks London) which we use as a bar most of the time, it fits perfectly in the corner just next to our kitchen.

Another suitcase which props up a "full length" mirror which is obviously not full length because they never are really. Plus my little babe, Albus, in the background.

This is my all time favourite part of the house, we have a balcony which is fully covered but you can open the top window panels as they all slide along so we are able to to extend out living room out on to the balcony which is lovely. This little spot is where I like to read or drink my tea in the morning. Though when winter arrives I'm not sure how much fun that will be any more!

I have a few pieces from Ikea here, the white shelves and the round rug in the last photo but I am in need of a few extra little pieces so I've put together a teeny wishlist:

Where are your favourite places to shop for homeware?

Chelsea Jade