Upcycle DIY - Shirt to Skirt

Jacket - H&M

Fluffy Collar - Select
Skirt - DIY
Shoes - Dr Martens

Autumn is time for the return of my fluffy wardrobe. I got these fluffy collars from Select last year in a few different colours, they are very handy for when you need to spice up your outfit a little! The skirt I have on is one I made from a shirt, you can check out the DIY below:

You will need:

1 oversized shirt (I used an extra large)
Needle + Thread or a Sewing Machine

You need to cut the top of the shirt off. You can cut it off like I did above or you could cut straight across if you want it a little shorter so this step depends on the length really. But remember you need to leave about 2cm on top of the length you want it for the waist band.

If you cut as I did above, you will need to pin and stitch the open edges on either side. But if you cut straight across feel free to move along to the next step.

All that needs doing now is the waistband.
Take the fabric at the top and fold it in on itself at about 2cm and pin together. 

Then stitch along the very edge (the dotted line) but leave about 1cm unstitched to put your elastic through!

You need to take your piece of elastic, make sure it is cut to the size of your waist (but not too tight because then your never going to be able to grow a food baby). You then need to thread the elastic through the the waist you have just stitched, this bit can be quite fiddly! I normally poke a kirby grip through the end to make it easier to pull through the fabric.

When you have thread it all of the way round you need to stitch the edges of the elastic together to create the loop for your waist. 


Chelsea Jade



  1. So cool Chelsea, and that fur scarf is just amazing! x



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