All clashing and a Beyond Retro trip

Jacket - ASOS
Jumper - East End Thrift Store
Leggings - H&M
Trainers - ASOS
Okay, so I am totally ill in these photos and that is how this outfit came to be. Nothing quite matches and it is practically pyjamas the only way when trying to overcome the flu. I sort of love the outfit and another part of me feels quite ashamed that I actually went out dressed like a 5 year old. It was my 8 year anniversary last week and to celebrate my boyfriend took me to Beyond Retro to take advantage of the 25% off sale. I shall share some of the goodies I got in the next few posts, I got a rather adorable jumpsuit. 

Did any of you take advantage of the Beyond retro sale?

Chelsea Jade



  1. Super cool outfit Chelsea, I'm loving that jacket! x


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