Underground AW16 Press Day

Jungle Boots
Nox Trainers
Underground vegan footwear
Vegan Friendly

Recently I visited the Underground press day and these were some of the goodies I spotted there. They of course had more of their classic creeper and winkle picker style but I wanted to share some of the pairs that you may not have seen before. I particularly like the exaggerated sole on the 'jungle' boots.  The collaborations and new designs keep true to their unique and recognisable footwear but step into slightly new ground particularly with their Nox trainers. I was excited to see that they collaborated with the wonderful Phiney Pet (who also has a collaboration with ASOS at the moment - goodbye money!). Unfortunately I don't wear leather and so those babies will never be mine but Underground have made a vegan friendly range for us veggies and vegans. Thanks guys!!
Thank you to Underground for the invite and for Graze and Propercorn for my journey home snacks.

What do you think of their new pieces?

Chelsea Jade


  1. Ooooh underground is making vegan creepers ?! Wow that's a good news :D




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