Long coat and Blue Trousers

Purple duster coat, Monki trousers and vegan Dr Martens outfit
Coat - East End Thrift Store
Tee - No clue (super old)
Trousers - Monki
Bag - Aliexpress
Shoes - Dr Martens
Purple duster coat, Monki trousers and vegan Dr Martens outfit
Outfit featuring East End Thrift Store and Monki
Vegan Dr Marten shoes with socks and printed trousers
I wore this on Saturday when I visited The Whitepepper's sample sale, eeeeeep. I woke up that morning to see a post about the sample sale on Friday and thought I'd missed it. But it turned out to be all weekend, woop woop. My boyfriend very kindly treated me to three items from the sale, he even purchased a pair of jeans that he will only describe as 'hideous'. He told me that even I cannot rock them but just you wait ladies, just you wait (I mean, if you can't wait then it is this pair). 

This babe of a coat was £1 from the East End Thrift Store's £1 sale which is on again this weekend if any of you London ladies fancy a browse, check out the event here. You can also see all of my posts featuring my £1 bargains too if you fancy.

Chelsea Jade


  1. Such a beaut outfit girlie, love the colours! <3 I need to get myself to EETS this weekend, haven't been in so long and it's the greatest place x

  2. Actually obsessed with the colour of this coat. Works so well with the pants too!


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