My first smear test - anxieties

My first smear test, worries and anxieties. Does it hurt?

With this video I hope that I convince at least one person who is putting off their smear due to anxieties to book their appointment. It is so important that we go for our cervical screening in the UK, we can have one when we hit 25 which is older than a lot of other countries. It can seem daunting for a first time but really it isn't nearly as bad as you imagine. Plus all of the horro stories you read online (trust me I've read them) are not what everyone's test is like, British people like to moan we go ahead and moan on social media, we write letters and post on threads but when we are happy about something we don't tend to do that. So here I am writing something I was happy (well not horrified) by. Please go as it could save your life ladies :)

Chelsea Jade