Cruella Coat and a Lazy Oaf Bag

Coat - Topshop (Charity Shop)
Necklace - Topshop
Jeans - Pepe (eBay)
Bag - Lazy Oaf 
Trainers - Gift

How fast has Christmas come around this year!? A week today, luckily my gifts are all sorted but I haven't even thought about Christmas party and New Year outfits yet. So here I am looking not very festive at all, I threw this outfit on before reluctantly leaving the house to do a food shop. On my  return, I realised it wasn't too shabby and I decided to quickly snap a few photos.

I would like to introduce you to two new pieces from my wardrobe. This super fluffy coat which I bagged for about a tenner as it was an August purchase and I guess coats weren't that high up in people's priorities. The second is this adorable bag which I got in the Lazy Oaf sample sale for £7! It is so cute and the little tassels on either side make it just that little bit more interesting. 
I did get quite a bit from the Lazy Oaf sample sale this year so I will share those purchases with you this week.

Chelsea Jade



  1. I LOVE the coat, what a find! x

  2. I love this outfit, the coat is AMAZING! x

  3. Love how quirky the bag and coat are - you look great :)
    Feel free to check out my latest post x


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