Get Following - April '17

So I have been browsing some new bloggers and visiting some bloggers that I have been following for a while to prepare which accounts to share today. This time I have some bloggers you may not already follow, with some more popular bloggers that you may follow (but need a little reminder to check out their new content, which can be tricky particularly on Instagram with the ever so helpful algorithm). 

Instagram   //    Blog

Blog    //    Instagram    //    Twitter 

Blog    //    Instagram

Enjoy reading 

Chelsea Jade


  1. Love blog posts like these! Always great to discover new bloggers! Xx

    Lucy x //

  2. I love Robyn's blog and Insta. I'm definitely going to be checking the other gals out! x

  3. Already follow Robyn, but The Trend Trap is such a good discover, thanks !

  4. Thanks guys, glad you've found some new ladies to follow :)


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