Thrifty Coat and Monki Stripes

Coat - East End Thrift Store 
Top - Monki
Skirt - H&M
Shoes - Dr Martens

Sometimes wearing your favourite pieces with a few old faithfuls makes the best outfit. This is pretty simple and fairly plain but I like it nonetheless. The coat, as some of you may have hear (many times) before, was £1 from the East End Thrift Store's sale. It clashes perfectly with the green of my trusty Monki striped knit. I probably could have sassed it up a little with a more glitzy skirt but this is a handy go to item which I got in H&M - always H&M for basics, always. 

In other news, my hair is driving me crazy and I nearly cut it myself. After watching many YouTube videos on cutting your own hair, I decided that I could wait a little longer and get it cut professionally. I am now just on the hunt for the perfect hairdressers in London.

Chelsea Jade



  1. I loooove your coat and the way you styled it <3


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