Bold Colours - Pink Faux Fur and a Blue Jumper

Coat - H&M
Jumper - Monki
Bag - Lush

So I may have ventured into the sale and treated myself to even  more goodies. I just can't stopped, I have clothes practically growing in my wardrobe and I just keep adding to it. But ladies, I think you will agree that I most definitely needed these babies when you hear about the price so first of all this pink fluffy delight was just £10 and the jumper was £8. Say whaaaaaaat.

Despite the fact that they are bargains and hardly cost anything I did feel guilty after buying these treats. Does anyone else get that after buying something, even if you love it and you know you'll wear it? I had terrible guilt after this purchase, despite the fact that I'd saved up and not got loads of other sale stuff and I've been dealing with some tough stuff therefore felt I deserved a treat. If you are reading this thinking "I totally do that" leave me a comment so future Chels can revisit this page, when in the most post purchase guilt phase and stop because I AM NORMAL.

The bag I have on is an old one from Lush, it matches this coat/jumper combo so well I wonder if it was destiny that brought all of these pieces together. I seem to only really use tote bags at the moment, I feel like maybe I need a bag cull as I'm probably hoarding loads of other styles I don't use. 

I'm going to stop waffling, go eat some chocolate and then moan about my skin. Story of my life, it's just too delicious.

Chelsea Jade

Note: This coat is full price online but I got it in the sale in store, so check out your nearest H&M for a bargain. I got this one on Oxford Street but it may be in other shops too.


  1. Just stumbled across this in a Google search! Ahhh love it!


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