Valentine's Look - Glitter Nasty Gal Playsuit

Nastygal glitter playsuit, red lipstick and curly hair
Playsuit - Nastygal
Nastygal glitter playsuit, red lipstick and curly hair

Nastygal glitter playsuit, red lipstick and curly hair
Nastygal glitter playsuit, red lipstick and curly hair
Nastygal glitter playsuit, red lipstick and curly hair

Valentine's is a pretty dumb occasion if you ask me, why should there be a 'special' day of the whole year that flowers are purchased and a date night happens? Me and Zhi don't really celebrate Valentine's day, we hate going out to restaurants with awkward couples on one of their first few dates or overly affectionate couples that suck face....on your shared table. Yes, it is likely to be a shared table or another little square table squished right up to yours because the restaurants are getting in as many loved up couples as possible. We have been together nearly 10 years now and I can't say that we have never done valentines day, Zhi will sometimes come home with a pack of Caramel Sweethearts from Hotel Chocolat because lets face it, they are devine. I have on occasion drawn a cheesy card to declare my love on this particular date but also on other dates.

The whole valentine's thing is thrown at us, literally every retailer gets involved trying to tell us "QUICK TODAY IS THE ONLY DAY TO DECLARE TRUE LOVE". It is also instilled through TV and films, and one of the things I absolutely hate about this is the stereotype of  girls being desperate. Single girls being desperate for a date or having some sort of sad girls night moping about and crying about not being loved. Erm, no thank you. And for the love of God please let's leave the term 'Galentine' alone. Please.

Why not ignore the fact that we are all supposed to have sorted our lives out by now and have found our one true love - who, as our promotions inbox would indicate, is suddenly in need of a wide variety of gifts. Let's just take this dumb ass holiday as a lovey dovey, red rosed, heart shaped chocolate reminder to do something we love.

I've opted to take valentines as a time to create some content on my blog because who doesn't need another excuse to wear something fancy, or pink, or heart printed. I have more time to myself recently (I'm currently signed off work with anxiety) and I've had a lot more time to think about this website and what I want to do. And you know what, I wanted to do some Valentines stuff. So if you want to come back here later this week, I'll have a few more stupid cupid posts and it would be great if you checked them out.

Chelsea Jade


  1. Sorry to hear you're struggling with anxiety so much right now, I was signed off work for near on a year with mental health problems and sometimes it feels never ending.

    I absolutely love this post- the concept AND the outfit. You have the best sense of style.


    1. Thank you so much for the lovely comment, I really appreciate it :) xx


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