Budapest - Travel Guide 2018

Budapest is full of places to visit, eat and drink. The best thing about Budapest is wandering around and stumbling along an interesting shop, some amazing street art or the best waffles you've ever tasted. I have been to Budapest twice now and I am totally in love with it. So I have decided to put together a little list of places to go and things to do. Have a little read and decide if there is somewhere you'd like to add to your plans while in Budapest. In no particular order:

1: Castle Hill

Here, on the Buda side, you will find the building that you've probably seen on instagram before. It looks like quite the fairytale! I would recommend having some comfortable shoes on because this will be a few hours of walking and exploring.  Here you will find Buda Castle, Fishermans Bastion and Mathias Church, all of which are very picturesque. When climbing up the steps here, you see some amazing views across the Danube River. Or you can choose to take the Funicular but I've heard it is a little overpriced.

TIP: Take food or plan food in advance. We wandered for a while and ended up eating somewhere that struggled with the concept 'vegetarian'. There are places to eat, some are more expensive on this side than over on the Pest side.

2: Free Walking Tours

The walks are a great way to really get around the city and learn more about its history, art etc. The walks are organised by local Hungarians walking guides. You have a range of walks to choose from and they run twice a day. Check out the tours here.

TIP: Have some cash for the end of the tour, if you were happy with the tour they ask if you can donate but this is not compulsory!

3: Thermal Baths

There are two main baths, the ones you are most likely to have seen pictures of online are probably the Szechenyi Baths. These baths have 3 large outdoor pools, and 15 smaller thermal pools indoors. These baths are very popular and they do night events too, if you are into partying in a bikini. You could spend such a long time at these baths as there are so many pools, there are places to order drinks, a shop for nibbles while you sit by the outdoor pool. You can hire towels and there are changing rooms.

The others are the Gellert Baths, these ones are smaller but they have a more Wes Anderson vibe about them inside. I enjoyed these ones but there were less baths than at the others. There was an odd layout where you had to pass more changing room areas to get the next pools, they also have a beautiful indoor pool which requires you to wear a swimming cap - sexy. The location of these ones  is good, easy enough to walk to and located close to my next recommendation.

4: Vegan Love

This place is divine, I have eaten at a lot of Vegan restaurants and I've eaten plenty of veggie burgers in my time but good lord guy this places is hands down the best. They have a philly cheese steak sub type, they have more burger options that you'd think at a first glance. They also do mac n cheese. It's all very glorious. Just take a look at the website.

Advice: If you are vegan, it is quite easy to find vegan food. However if you are vegan, travelling with meat eaters it is actually quite difficult to get vegan food and meat in the same place. Veggies - you're all good.

5: SzimplaRuin Bar

Alcohol is fairly cheap in Budapest actually, so there's not a worry for you overspending there. In terms of ruin bars the most popular is Szimpla Kert. It has several bars inside and is split across two levels. There are plenty of places to sit down but it can get quite busy and difficult to get a seat in the evenings. I personally think that Szimpla Kert lives up to the hype and is worth a visit.

Another bar on the same road is called STart, it has a good variety of beers and ciders. It is small inside but it's a good place to meet or have a drink on your way to Szimpla.

6. Vintage Shops

Retrock is the most aesthetically pleasing and looks like it would fit right in place on Brick Lane. It is a mixed one for me, some pieces are really overpriced and during another visit I have bagged a couple of bargains. It's split across two floors so is definitely worth a look in as you might find a gem.

I personally preferred The Dressing Room. It is a smaller shop but it is stocked to the brim with vintage clothing. It has packed rails, a bargain bin, folded denim for days and quirky jewellery by the till. Find the facebook page for The Dressing Room here.

Humana is another place to visit for vintage/second hand clothes.  I only got a fleeting visit as I was on my way for the bus back to the airport but I am so glad that I popped in. I would definitely recommend going here if you are a fan of vintage. Their stock is changed every 5 weeks so it's likely you'll find something :)

Here are my final few recommendations:

This vintage market place holds luggage for a whole day.

House of Terror - keep a couple of hours aside for this museum.

Find traditional Hungarian food for both veggies and meat eaters.

The most amazing teahouse with the best name Sirius Teahouse - it has ladders, small cupboard size holes leading to a new place to sit. It's delightful.

If you are in need of eggs, some sort of toast. Just some form of English Breakfast, we went to Inspired for this.

Tasty Ramen.

Pretty hipster looking (but cool) coffee place.

Cool looking vintage bar/cafe.

And one last thing, try a Hungarian Chimney Cake - with nutella I would advise.

If you have been to Budapest and have any more recommendations then please comment below to share with others :)

Chelsea Jade