Shop The Trend: Straw Bags

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I have been blogging for a long time now and I’ve noticed some changes over that period. One change that I am becoming more aware of than ever before is how many clothes people are buying. Everyone seems to have the latest jumpsuit from New Look, the perfect Topshop Co-ord and an amazing piece from Weekday. I’m guilty of it myself, regularly browsing the new in section of ASOS and the other day I noticed that Nasty Gal is now one of my most visited websites on my phone – there’s a little link as soon as I open my browser. Which is not healthy for my bank balance, I have to say one thing which makes me feel slightly better is that I am more of a browser than a buyer.

I’m not convinced that this is limited to bloggers either really, it seems a regular conversation between girls is based around a new purchase. I spoke to someone recently that used to work at Missguided and they had a crazy number of new designs that had to be completed weekly for just the tops section, which was truly depressing.

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Back when I started blogging and for quite a few years into my blogging journey I would read blogs full of girls styling the same pieces and writing about some amazing charity shop bargains. It was amazing to see some of the car boot hauls and DIYs girls were coming up with to keep up with trends at an affordable price. I mean the Confetti Crowd are still rocking vintage as are a fair few girls and those are some of my favourite blogs to read.

I do like a new in piece, I did a New In at Topshop haul a little while back but I also did a SS18 trend look book using pieces I’ve had in my wardrobe for years. One of my favourite co-ords is about 5 years old, it comes out every summer. I guess the depressing fact for some bloggers on Instagram is that they aren’t going to be able to leave a link or tag a brand if their tee was from their local charity shop or if its 3 years old.

The long and waffly point I’m trying to get at is that you don’t need new in pieces to keep up with the trends. Lilac has been coming back practically every other summer, I know this as I’ve regularly caved and purchased a piece despite not really liking lilac all that much – most of them I sold on eBay recently. The tailored suit for females comes back every year with a different name. ‘boy meets girl’ ‘boyish charm’ whatever you call it, if you invest in a good blazer and short combo its likely to be on trend next summer too.

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I fell in love with some of the straw bags that have been doing the rounds over the last 6 months or so (probably longer, I may be late to the party) but I didn’t fancy spending £35 on a bag I might not use that much so I didn’t cave and visit Zara. Instead I admired from afar until I found 2 charity shop goodies. This boxy little bag was $16 from a shop in Canada which is only £9.  And this little rucksack, which looks handmade with some rope and some curtain hooks (DIY inspired anyone?) was a charity shop find which was just £4!

In keeping with some bargain hunting, if you aren’t a charity shop wanderer – eBay is your friend. Search ‘Raffia Bag’ on eBay and you will find some bargains in the listings. There are some Buy It Now bags which I have listed below (they are affiliate links but if you buy one I reckon I'll get about 6p so I’m not going to be rolling in it)

Chelsea Jade