Nasty Gal Floral Trousers

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Vintage Shirt
Lazy Oaf Bag
Primark Sandals
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These trousers are amazing, I love the print. They are baggy enough for this warmer weather, breeze central. I have however washed them since wearing and the tassel on the waist completely came off, so I have to reattach or get rid of the matching one. Probably the latter as I'm a little lazy with fixing clothes.

Zhi did good with these photos right? He spotted the place and snapped away pretty quickly.

I wore this out for a day with Zhi as he took me to celebrate getting a new job. He was an absolute babe and got me a few gifts. I also had to pop and pick up a few things myself. So have a nosy at my vlog for this day:

If you have any fave youtube channels or have one yourself please link below as I'm wanting to add more blogger babes to my watch list!

Chelsea Jade


  1. Love this outfit! They look mega comfy, I've yet to find a pair of trousers like this so Ill definitely have a look at these!

    Lizzie Florence |


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