Starting A New Job

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Vintage Leopard Shirt, Primark Crop Jeans and Platform shoes

Vintage Leopard Shirt, Primark Crop Jeans and Platform shoes
Vintage Shirt
Primark Jeans
ASOS Platforms
Vintage Leopard Shirt, Primark Crop Jeans and Platform shoes

Recently I started a new job in a whole new field of work. Nothing to do with teaching. Something brand new. How scary!

I am quite proud of myself for making such a difficult decision to leave my last job and to start something new at the age of 26. An age when really, the expectation is that your starting to move up in your career. So I left my job, I spent at little bit of time unemployed (I watched a lot on Netflix) while applying for a million jobs. 

As I've written this blog for the total of 7 years now, I thought well maybe if I have an interest in fashion and have retail experience, why not try a head office role? I applied to so many different jobs because I didn't know what I wanted to do. I think this probably showed a little in my applications. So I took a break. A short one. I picked one area I was interested in, knew I'd be good at and changed my CV and amended my many draft of a covering letter and started applying to jobs in a merchandising team.

After changing my CV and applying with more direction I got 3 interviews in the first week. I clearly needed the break. The first one I applied for (the one that interested me the most and I'd told my mum all about) was the first one to offer me a job, I took that bold decision making, took the offer and cancelled my other interviews.

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Now that decision was one that I made quickly but had prepared for beforehand. I knew applying to start in an area that was totally new to me meant an entry level job and therefore entry level pay. It was a big drop in salary but I think if I worked out my hourly rate as a teacher it wouldn't be much different. I'd be going from working about 50 hours a week to a more usual 37 hours. And so that drop in pay and hours, to me, meant getting my life back. 

After getting the job, I started straight away and I’ve been so much happier at this new place. I have time to myself, I have an hour lunch, I have kind colleagues and they do meditation at the office.

All of this free time house allowed me to spend more time to myself, with friends and family. It has made me overall very happy after my struggle with anxiety. It has only been about 3 months since I started there, so it is still fairly early days but I am enjoying it.

With the free time I now have, I have spent more time reading magazines, books, reading blogs, keeping up to date with my fave bloggers. It has meant that I have more time to spend on my blog, I have a little planner for my blog and a few targets to work towards to give me a little direction. The most recent video I have posted is nothing earth shatteringly different, in fact there are tonnes of these videos on YouTube but I enjoyed making it and enjoyed knowing I’m back into the swing of things, even if it is only a birthday haul:

If you think you might be in the wrong job, talk to some one that is in a role you think you'd enjoy. Find out the pros and cons, every job is going to have that one person that annoys the crap out of you, the one meeting that seems to be the most useless waste of your time, processes that end up being done because that's how its done. But ultimately, if the whole thing is getting you down, you can change things up. You don't have to stay there. You might need to for the time being, save up and then move but knowing the end goal is to leave that place makes the weeks go by that little bit easier. 

Chelsea Jade