A Band Tee + A Faux Fur Coat

A band tee and a faux fur coat
A band tee and a faux fur coat

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A band tee and a faux fur coat

A band tee and a faux fur coat

A band tee and a faux fur coat

It's time ladies, the little leather jacket or a oversized denim jacket just wont cut it.  It's winter and it is damn chilly. These ice cold mornings mean a green signal for me to rummage in my boxes and in the loft to pull out all of the fluffy coats and scarves ready for layers of delightful-ness. This pink faux fur coat was a H&M find, I bagged it in the sale. This is the kind of sale purchase I can happily shout about. It wasn't purchased because it was so cheap, it wasn't a mindless buy or something I have come to regret. I knew as soon as I laid eyes on this baby that it was something I would wear for seasons to come (providing the quality lasts that long). It just so happens that it was in the sale so it feels like an extra good find.

There are so many amazing faux fur coats on the high street at the moment, there are cute cropped boxy ones, oversized vintage style, long extravagant numbers and mix faux fur delights. It's safe to say that I am loving practically every single one of them. I've chosen some of my favourites:

Now, I have to be sensible about this, after all I have quite a few faux fur coats as it is. I'll probably pop an old one on Depop if I decide on buying one of these babies. The Topshop dark pink number is a particular favourite of mine, would you believe. Ha

The final part I should mention about the outfit above is the cool tee I am rocking. This is a band tee, from Dolls. Now I may show some bias. Well actually I definitely do. But I think this Dolls t-shirt is so cool and not a really obvious band tee. The photo above shows me standing next to their record like some sort of weirdo. I did this to get a snap of the record because I am so very proud of my friend Jade for working so hard with her bandmate Bell on these amazing songs. This was in Rough Trade in Shoreditch, how amazing is it that their EP is in there!? If you are intrigued check out this video of their experience at Rough Trade earlier this year :) 

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