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I bagged these trousers in the H&M sale for just £8 and I fell in love as they fit so well. Check trousers are so easy to find and there are tonnes in the sale right now. So I thought I would share some outfits that might give you ideas for your check trousers. :)

It's a useful thing to do for a new purchase, even if it's not a pair of trousers like these, try on your new piece on with a bunch of stuff in your wardrobe so you get ideas straight away. Your own styling session. That way you know whether you want to keep or return and in the end you have a few different ways to wear that item. No faffing around before work!

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Stradivarius Derby Shoes

Tartan trousers, a basic tee and chunky shoes
Tartan Trousers, Colourful knit and chunky boots
Tartan Trousers, Colourful knit and chunky boots

Cow Vintage Jumper
New Look Boots - (Similar here)
Tartan Trousers, Colourful knit and chunky boots

One of my favourite things to do on this blog is Ways to Wear, it helps me to style my own wardrobe and make sure I am re-wearing things in my wardrobe and might give you guys a little wardrobe inspiration. I filmed another two looks with these trousers so you can skip to 1:18 on the video below to see more:

Out of interest, if you read my blog do you prefer this style of post to contain images of the looks or would you prefer a video? I enjoy doing both which is why I chose this format but it would be good to know if any of you have a preference :)

If you have been after a pair of tartan trousers the definitely check out H&M also ASOS have  a pretty good selection of check trousers. I am totally lusting after a green pair at the moment, they are super cute and would be perfect for clashing with other colours. 

Chelsea Jade



  1. Gorgeous look! Love the tartan print! I prefer both images and video <3

    1. Thank you Katherine :) I shall keep that in mind, I enjoy making both so I might keep a mix of the two x


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