A Valentine's Day Scrooge

Pink Fur Coat, Green Knit and Mom Jeans

Pink Fur Coat, Green Knit and Mom Jeans
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I was talking to a hair dresser recently, you know, awkward chit chat style. She asked me what I'm doing for valentines day. Which at the time was about two weeks away. I personally do not like Valentines day and choose not to really celebrate. Internally, I weighed up admitting that I am a Valentine's scrooge or pretending that I would be having dinner - which wouldn't have been a total lie, I will be eating dinner on Valentine's day like any other. I felt like lying to conform was a bit stupid considering I am an adult and would inevitably have to grow this white lie when she asked for more detail like where we were going, do we have presents etc. So I told her that I don't celebrate Valentine's day and that generally don't like the concept.

I thought about this conversation afterwards because this girl was so excited about Valentine's day and I figure, I get super excited about Christmas and buying everyone gifts so it could be a similar thing. I also revisited this particularly scrooge like post that I wrote about Valentines day last year.

Pink Fur Coat, Green Knit and Mom Jeans

While I don't like Valentine's day any more, I can appreciate that it is loved by many people. It is a holiday about love (however painfully false this seems to me) and everybody loves love. In the words of Rupaul (and probably many others)

Everybody say Love

Even if you don't have a partner or a someone you are seeing, us Valentine's scrooges could use this time to tell someone we love them. Because ultimately there are people out there, like the hairdresser, who adore this holiday and they may not be told that they are loved. 

You could tell a friend that you haven't seen for a while, remind a family member how much you appreciate them and give them a little love and cheer around this time. It can be a tough time for those that have lost some one, as most holidays can be, so have a think and get ready to share the love. Real love, real messages of kindness and affection. Not a tacky red balloon or heart shaped chocolate which you've been conditioned into thinking everyone wants. Not all of us do.

My final note and thought on this holiday, if you can't think of someone then you have forgotten one of the most important people. Yourself. Share the love, buy yourself a gift, take some time out to do something you enjoy. I will be going to a Yoga class for an hour on Valentine's day evening and I'm really looking forward to it.

Pink Fur Coat, Green Knit and Mom Jeans
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