Lazy Oaf Lime Knit

Lazy Oaf Lime Knit & Collusion spotty trousers 3
This Lazy Oaf knit is an absolute beauty and I love wearing it. However the story behind how I actually acquired this jumper is not so lovely.

I'd say that over the years I've gone to about 5 Lazy Oaf Sample sales and they seem to just get more and more popular therefore much more busy. The most recent one I went to, I had the expectation of queuing for about 2 hours, that doesn't bother me. I listen to a few podcasts, read a book and try to ignore the annoyingly loud person that seems to be strategically placed near me in the queue. However this time, it was quite different. The organisers realised that it was super busy and possibly more so than the last sale so they changed the format. This was not something I knew at the time, I queued my usual 2 hour then started to get silly. I was still in the same place, I tried to stay positive. I stayed another hour and slowly moved forward. It got to the point where I wanted to leave and was thinking I don't like any brand enough to queue for 3 hours but I'd come to far to give up. I had to make a decision and stick with it.

Lazy Oaf Lime Knit & Collusion spotty trousers
Lazy Oaf Lime Knit & Collusion spotty trousers 5

This jumper is a result of 4 hours of queuing to get into a sample sale and I am fully ashamed of this length of time. It's nuts but 20 minutes would go by and I'd be like...surely it will move now. It turns out they let the first 30 people in and they were allowed to browse for as long as they like, then another 10 or so were let in. I believe after that point, it was a 1 in 1 out situation. Had I known that before I got to the door, I wouldn't have gone. Those first 30-40 people stayed in the sale for over an hour shopping and were not given a time limit while we waited outside.

So every time I put on this beautiful jumper, I remember the hours I wasted waiting and wonder whether the jumper was actually worth it. (I mean I did get other things). But I think about it each time and I'm pretty embarrassed about waiting that long in the queue!!

On a final note, big points to my boyfriend because he queued with me - the whole 4 hours. What an absolute babe!

Lazy Oaf Lime Knit & Collusion spotty trousers 4

Lazy Oaf Lime Knit & Collusion spotty trousers 1

I am also totally loving my shorter hair right now and being able to go from my naturally straight to curls and waves with my trusty Lee Stafford curlers is an absolute dream. My super long hair was a hot mess for a while as I needed a new hair dresser, it's awful trying to find a new hair dresser!

How do you usually go about finding a new hair dresser usually? I'm asking for future Chels, I didn't like how the girl cut the layers around my face so it has to be curled or tucked behind my ears. So when I have grown it out and want it all chopped the same length I will need to go through the same hassle of finding another hair dresser. What a faff.

Has anyone else got a ridiculous story about queuing for something? Or did any of you go to that Lazy Oaf sale I was talking about?

Chelsea Jade