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Sap Plants Terrariums


Name: Sap Plants
Where: Etsy + Nottingham Events (Now at Nottingham Contemporary Cafe)
What: Cute Cacti, Pretty Terrariums and more

Sap Plants Terrariums

First of all let's talk terrariums, there are some adorable terrariums which would be perfect to add a bit of foliage to your desk (at home or at work). There are bigger pots with a variety of plants and I think they look pretty beautiful. Sap plants have been creating more and more beautiful pieces - just check out the Sap Plants Instagram page. You can find stories about the owner's journey with propagating plants and see her success stories - I managed to propagate two leaves that my cat pulled off a plant I have. I was very impressed with myself but it was due to advice from Sap that I was able to get the stalk to root.

Bookish Plant Pots

The other type of product that you can get from Sap Plants is perfect for a bookworm, particularly a plant loving bookworm. Sap Plants sell hand painted pots on Etsy which are inspired by Penguin classics and rather excitingly, Harry Potter themed plant pots. These plant pots would make the perfect book ends for a statement shelf with a few of your favourites.

Sap Plants Terrariums

I have a personal connection to Sap plants, the left hand image is of a Terrarium that is in my house and that I got about a year ago from the creator of Sap Plants before she was considering this as a shop. Surprisingly the person that made these lovely pots and creates this beautiful Instagram feed didn't believe that she could do it and people would want to buy things she had made. With some encouragement and a few compliments on the terrarium at my house my older sister created Sap Plants and I am very proud.

She has even teamed up with Rough Trade in Nottingham  to run an event of her own - The Nottingham Plant Swap. Unfortunately I can't make it to Nottingham that weekend so if any of you lovely people are in Nottingham this weekend and love a good house plant then pop by and say hello.

Chelsea Jade