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These wide leg check trousers are amazing! They are so easy to style and are a pretty good statement piece so you don't need to add much to finish off an outfit. Now I have to say that this level of love was not how my relationship with these trousers began. I am a big fan of tapered trousers and skinny legs in general. So this wide leg business is totally out of my comfort zone and I thought I couldn't pull them off. I tried them on whilst with my mum and little sister, they liked them a lot so that was my first nod towards growing more fond of the style. Don't get me wrong, in the changing room I felt very fancy and loved the way they looked. But I wasn't sure how it would go long term. Would they get along with the various colour t-shirts and shirts I own. Would they limit the type of shoe I could wear with them. And overall would be bring me Marie Kondo level joy? In the end my mum decided for me and very kind purchased them for me. What a babe.

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I've had quite a few compliments on these check trousers, that's an understatement - it is like these are magic trousers that will result in a compliment everyday that you wear them. Now I know it's not like it's all about what others think but it is nice when other people love what you have on. Especially when you get to yell about them being from Miss Selfridge, in the sale, specifically Outfit in Nottingham to ensure that the person enquiring can bag their own pair.

Since my little love affair began, I started considering the wide leg a little more. I even found some more Miss Selfridge trousers on ASOS that I have in my saved items. I went and got them in the same shape but in a blue check. Stunning.

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I couldn't resist including this adorable little dog! <3
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