What Would Boudicca Do? - Book Review

What would Boudicca do? Feminist Book

What Would Boudicca do? uses short interesting facts about amazing women with the aim of teaching us a lesson in dealing with modern day problems. It mixes history with the the present to create 50 short stories about each of the strong females chosen for this book. 

This book is light hearted, easy to read and not to be taken too seriously. This is not a for you if you are looking for some serious historical facts. But that's clear from the image of Boudicca holding a coffee cup and the use of the word 'bropropriating' on the blurb - these warning signs were clearly not noticed by the few people that left the 1 star reviews on Amazon.

For me, the book was a thought provoking and enjoyable read. I was introduced to women I hadn't heard of and facts about heroines whose names I'd heard and knew less about. I'm not exactly a history buff so I didn't need many more facts and if I'm interested in a particular person in this book then I can look elsewhere to learn more. 

As there are so many women written about in this book, there are bound to be stories you prefer or can relate to more than others. There are definitely inspiring stories throughout and lessons that you can take from these amazing women and think about applying it to your life.  This is also the perfect gift for your friend's birthday or even just a little empowering pick me up for someone that needs it. The content is suitable for a teen so we can buy this for some of the younger members of our family and spread the love and celebration of women's achievements. 

I was quite the fan of learning about Chevalier d'Eon. So if you read the book let me know what you think and which woman was your favourite to learn about, if you can pick just one! 

Chelsea Jade