21st Birthday Shoot #HappyBirthdayFigleaves

*All views are my own and do not reflect those of Figleaves*

Recently I had the amazing opportunity to take part in a photo shoot for the Figleaves 21st Birthday campaign. The shoot was last month, it was to celebrate the 21st birthday of the company and celebrate the diversity of its customers and in general women’s bodies.

Happy Birthday Figleaves (1)

Pregnant bellies; slim women; women of colour; women with wobbly bits; medical conditions; big boobs; stretch marks; bright hair; small boobs; tattoos; different ages; big smiles; family; best friends; normal people. It was an amazing day.

When faced with the opportunity to take part, I have to say I didn’t totally jump at the chance. Like everyone I had insecurities, a few of them! Why would a lingerie company want such a flat chested person? Would my white slim frame actually contribute to a diverse campaign? What if I’m the palest* person there? What if people think my hairy underarms are gross? And mainly…people will see me in my pants!

So I considered this for a little bit and then thought that I’m never really going to get another chance to do this ever again so why not!? Luckily they did have space for me and so here I am, in my pants:

Figleaves 21st Birthday photo shoot - Chelsea by Eva Schwank

The day was really wonderful because the other women were just so incredible. Everyone was so supportive of each other. Girls were giving calming comments to one another before the photos. There was cheering and many encouraging thumbs up to those in front of the camera for their portrait. I also have to give a big shout out and thank you to the lovely photographer Eva Schwank who made it much less scary when posing in your knickers. She did an incredible job.

Figleaves 21st Birthday photo shoot - Group by Eva Schwank
* Turns out I was the palest, representing all you other light reflectors

Thank you Figleaves for letting me take part in this campaign! I feel very proud of myself for being so brave. Keep an eye out on Figleaves Instagram page to see the rest of the 20 amazing women that took part in this shoot. 

Chelsea Jade

ps) I’m very proud of my photo, I think I look beautiful. They did choose the best of many photos of me so for anyone that cares to see them here are just a few of my out takes haha.

outtakes 2