A Little Life Update - Good News and a New Hobby


Long time no speak! It’s been my longest break from this blog in a while. I decided after my last post a little before Christmas that I would take a break to focus on spending my spare time with family etc. Then the break turned into a 2 month break. So I thought it was about time that I gave you guys a little life update as there have been other things that I have been focused on.

So my first bit of news is that I have passed my driving test, finally! I passed late January and I felt like I spent a fair bit of my free time brushing up on the show me, tell me questions, the highway code etc to build my confidence as I’d failed my first test in December. I haven’t got a car just yet but that is on the cards. I am so looking forward to being able to drive back to Nottingham to spend time with my family. 

Handmade earrings + green coat 2
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Handmade earrings

My other focus has really been on my mental health, as some of you may know I suffer with depression and anxiety – as many of us do. I posted about my struggle with anxiety in 2018 and how it was getting better but that was temporary and I continued to struggle. In December I started Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, I’ve had a few sessions now and I get a few little homework tasks. I’ve been trying to work to work out what some of my anxiety triggers are and focusing on trying to keep it at a manageable level. Through these sessions it has been highlighted that I have depression, generalised anxiety disorder, social anxiety disorder and some signs of OCD – wow. But we decided to focus on the general anxiety and I feel like it is going quite well. Would any of you be interested in reading more about my experience and the types of things that are discussed in my sessions?

Handmade earrings + green coat

Something else I have been doing in my spare time, since around October is making jewellery. Some of you that have read my blog for many years may remember that I had a small online jewellery shop called Little Teacup where I made necklaces, head chains etc. It was a nice little hobby while I was at uni. Then, fast forward to 2019, in the run up to Christmas I decided to hand make some Christmas gifts, my sister is a fan of big earrings at the moment so that’s how this started – for her presents. But since starting I have found making jewellery so relaxing and it’s quite a mindful activity which helps with my mental health. I spend much less time scrolling on Instagram and more time planning new colours and shapes. So I have had some wonderful feedback on my Christmas presents which is what lead to Blott and Speckle:

Blott and Speckle

I do miss spending time on this blog though, it was a well needed little break but now I'm back :)

Chelsea Jade