Cord Bucket Hat and a Labyrinth T-Shirt

Labyrinth Tshirt paired with a green coat, bucket hat and leopard print trousers
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This is literally so many of my favourite pieces all together in one outfit, you could argue it's too much but I wanted to wear it all and I did. I think us bloggers sometimes think too much about an outfit or what reception it might receive on Instagram. But really wearing what we love should be the whole point of blogging otherwise what's the point. I think Instagram impacts that quite a bit. So I wear a lot of colour and prints but I also have black tees and grey trousers, my styles varies quite a bit but for a while I felt like I needed to photograph just my colourful outfits otherwise it wouldn't fit in. I think Kayla Hadlington's post last year on why she stopped blogging explains a similar feeling, though her blog is huge so on a much bigger scale than mine. Since reading her post and looking more at my own blog I am focusing more on my mix of pieces, not just the colours and prints - though that's like 70% of my wardrobe.

With this outfit, initially I wasn't sure if I could rock a bucket hat with it being quite an overdone trend and whether it would fit in with my style. I have actually ended up wearing this hat quite a bit recently, I think it looks really cute. I turn up the edge of it at the front to give it more of a 90's vibe to it. This one is from Oliver Bonas and it also came in grey which I have my eye on at the moment because it is just £8 on the eBay outlet page!

Green tassel earrings and a bucket hat
Oliver Bonas Bucket Hat

Labyrinth Tshirt paired with a green coat, bucket hat and leopard print trousers

Green coat, bucket hat and labyrinth tee 2

Labyrinth Tshirt paired with a green coat and leopard print trousers

Labyrinth is one of my all time favourite films so naturally when I spotted this gem in January I used my Christmas money to buy this from Truffle Shuffle. It was much better than spending money on random sale things which is what I have done in the past. Truffle Shuffle is a place that I regularly visit as they have so many amazing t-shirts. It is a place full of nostalgia, below are 3 tops that I have treated myself to with their Leap year promo code:

Truffle Shuffle T shirts
Bodger & Badger   //   Labyrinth   //   Zzzap

Are you a fan of Truffle Shuffle?

Chelsea Jade