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Lilac Skirt Red Bag

These photos are at least a month old, here I am in Central London happy and smiles all round - completely oblivious of the pandemic that was to sweep the nation and result in loo roll and pasta panic buying and ultimately a lock down following many deaths. It is a very strange time to be in right now. I'm not sure that we really anticipated the gravity of the situation or that it would get this bad so close to home.  Even those of us that might have been awake to the need for social distancing and hand washing earlier on couldn't have anticipated the selfishness of many in our country who would continue to meet up, fill the supermarkets to bulk buy, to those that have been stealing NHS staff badges, those that broke into a food bank and those that continue, even as I write this to go out and about like nothing is happening - because they think it doesn't affect them. This is all utterly incomprehensible. But it's happening and we have to hop that they get the message soon enough!

On the flip side to all this madness and panic, there have been some amazing news stories through out this time. There have been some wonderful people that have put on pub quizzes live on Facebook, there's those trying to help parents by offering resources for their children in their time off school,  we have had a country wide applause for the NHS staff on the front line of this fight. We have positive news and I think that's something important to remember!

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One of the things I am looking forward to once we have returned to normalcy is venturing out to charity shops for a wee bargain hunt. I love shopping second hand and whilst I do enjoy spending time browsing on ASOS while I'm stuck in the house, I really can't wait to be out and doing things I enjoy in real life - not just online.  The photos in this post were taken a little while back to show you some of the absolute steals I found in a charity shop on one of my lunch breaks.  Two of the items in this look were from a charity shop and both came to a grand total of £4.50. Can you guess which?

Lilac Skirt Red Bag 4

So it was the skirt which was just £1.50, I was so happy when I spotted this because I have the same skirt in bright pink from New Look and I'd recently been browsing eBay for a new colour of it. Charity shop fate for sure! Then the next piece was this amazing 90's style red handbag for just £3. It was such a good day for charity shop finds, I fell in love with the red and lilac colour combo too. 

Lilac Skirt Red Bag 2

But it also does seem like I wont be charity shop shopping for some time so it's time for activities that can be done at home. So for this I have created a few little templates on Instagram to share some recommendations for when you are in isolation or just staying at home. Find them on my Instagram story templates + the filled in ones so you can read others recommendations. Let me know if you use them, tag me on insta and we can share each others :) 

Instagram story templates

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  1. Love the red and lilac combo. I can't believe that skirt was £1.50!

    It's such a scary situation we're in right now, isn't it? It makes me so sad that people are panic buying so there's nothing left for anyone else that needs it, and stealing NHS workers' badges is just shameful. I'm glad there are many other people showing how kind they are by donating money, offering to buy food and supplies for those that can't, and hosting free quizzes and workouts to keep everyone occupied at home. Praying things get better soon.


    1. I know such a steal!

      It really is. It's such a shame to see people just not caring about others. But yes, there are so many other lovely things happening which is important to remember - people seem to love to share the negative side of things and get more nervous about it. I'd also recommend @the_happy_broadcast on Instagram to have something more positive in your feed :)

      Thanks for visiting my blog!
      Chelsea x


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