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My Gangster Wraps Earrings 2


Name: Gangster Wraps
WhereWebsite + Etsy 
What: Beautiful patterned fabrics, statement earrings and hair accessories

I first came across Gangster Wraps on Instagram, I was browsing and finding lots of fabulous accounts to share on #BlackPoundDay when I saw some amazing earrings! I am a total sucker for a bold print so I started to browse the website straight away. 

I treated myself to a chunky pair of earrings in a pretty fabric with pink accents to match some of my fave pink lippies and eyeliners. The ones I've opted for are one of the bigger pairs I think so if you wanted a smaller hoop there are options for you too:

Gangster Wraps Etsy 2

I think the matching combos with the earrings and the head wrap, they come in such pretty prints.  You should check them out on Instagram so you can have a look at some of the customer images and keep up to date with any sales/offers they might have on. 

My Gangster Wraps Earrings 3

My Gangster Wraps Earrings

The earrings I chose are called Love Affair Earrings, the prints is so vibrant and even better they are made from a vintage fabric <3 They were somehow even prettier in real life, the earrings are really well made and the fabric is such good quality. So far I've only been able to wear them in the house but they will be making an appearance in real life soon! If not out then at the very least as a statement piece in my next Zoom/Teams meeting. 

The second piece I got was a scrunchie, I've been wearing this Bo-Ya Scrunchie quite a lot at home. My hair has gotten so so long during lockdown and it's a bit wild so this scrunchie is constantly in my hair at the moment. I have a few scrunchies but this one stays in my hair, the elastic is quite tight or good quality. Normally I have to wear a bobble and add a scrunchie on top as a scrunchie alone usually ends up slowly falling out throughout the day. This one does not!

My Gangster Wraps Scrunchie

I've going to stop rambling on about how much I love these two products and give you time to go browse because I really think you'll find something you love just as much as I love my pieces! Plus you can feel good, if you do buy something, knowing that a person hand made the item and will probably do a little happy dance when the order comes through to them. 

Chelsea Jade

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