My Shopping Goals - Feb 2020

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Blue fur and a leopard skirt 3

So some of you may remember me posting a YouTube video last year for a month of shopping second hand. I was already reducing my clothing purchases from fast fashion sites and growing my vintage and second hand wardrobe instead. I have done really well with this and I’m proud to say that I have not shopped in Topshop for over a year, I’ve not shopped Boohoo or Misguided for about 2 years.

One of the things that has helped with reducing my consumption of not just fashion but things I don’t really need is to do just the opposite. Think more about what I actually need, of course I still buy things I don’t need as it’s nice to treat myself every now and then. But focusing on some more long term goals really helps me to think more about an impulse purchase.

Which leads me to this, in the fashion of speaking things into existence, a little collection of things I’d like to purchase over the next month or so and what are my goals a little longer term.

Blue fur and a leopard skirt 5

Blue fur and a leopard skirt 4
Blue fur and a leopard skirt

First and foremost, if you read my last blog post with my little life update, you may have read about my recently passing my driving test! So ultimately one of my biggest goals right now is to buy a car to share with my partner. This is the big purchase which I am very excited about. Another thing related to my driving is my eyesight, you might not see my glasses regularly on this blog because 1. I don’t actually need to wear them much at the moment and 2. They aren’t something I want on my face daily. However, if I start to drive almost daily for work I am going to need glasses or I’m thinking for the first time ever, buying some contact lenses. I think it will be the perfect way to get around not wanting to wear my glasses all the time and mixing it up a little.  I have been browsing Mister Spex for their wide range of contact lenses. Now to figure out what kind I'd need! A trip to the opticians to get my eyes tested again will be on my to do list for sure this month.

Another thing is that I have been fairly unhappy with the colour of my teeth recently, I started drinking coffee over the last 2 years or so (I know, how did I survive before?!). I really feel that I can see more browning on my teeth than before, whether it is linked to tea and coffee or not I’d like to get this fixed. I’m not in a position to be paying for dental treatment so for now, to prevent it getting worse, I’ve decided to try some activated charcoal paste or powder and see how that goes down. Have you guys used any before?

Finally, something I’d like to save up for and treat myself to over the next few months is another pair of Vegan Dr Martens in another style. I have literally lived in the black shoes I have and I feel like it is about time to invest in some more. This time I am thinking of going for the vegan brogues instead, I’ve had my eye on them for a while. The dream would actually be a brogue style Chelsea Boot but they are not a thing at Dr Martens at the moment. So brogues it shall be.

How have you guys been doing so far in 2020? Have you been drawn in by lots of the sales in January or have you managed to resist?

Chelsea Jade